Classic Sudoku 0.9.1

Number puzzle game that varies in difficulty

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    Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows XP

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  • Program license:Free (GPL)
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    7.5 (31)

Classic Sudoku presents a streamlined approach to logic games. The numerical fun never has to stop with three levels of difficulty. Scores are based on speed and completion, so it is a race against the clock to finish the puzzles.

The variety of challenges is seemingly endless, and repetition of tables never occurs. Every set is brand new, and each possible arrangement is stored in a database to categorize difficulty and scores. Ratings are stored in a streamlined high scores list that separates players by their chosen usernames.

Sudoku has a remarkably simple rulebook that is easy to learn, and the format translates perfectly into the virtual arena. Players are presented with a square grid featuring 81 panels. This table is further broken into nine squares each containing nine blocks. The entire chart is sparsely filled with numbers at the beginning of every puzzle, and players attempt to fill in the rest of the squares without repeating numbers in any row, column or mini square. For victory, the numbers 1 through 9 must appear together vertically, horizontally and in the 3x3 squares. A single repeat is grounds for disqualification, which the computer will not allow.

The difficulty mode determines how many squares will be filled in from the onset. Easier puzzle arrangements start almost half full, but the hardest challenges sometimes only provide a few numbers throughout the entire grid.

The menu interface is basic and accessible for all users. There is nothing extravagant about the game's graphics, which means this title hardly drains any memory. Still, a little more sparkle would have been appreciated. There needs to be something to relax the eyes in between a constant flow of number matrices.

The controls are incredibly easy to comprehend. The entire program is operable with one hand through the number pad. Because every challenge is unique, the entertainment value is infinitely generous. No one had ever imagined numbers being this exciting before Magic Squares took the world by storm.

Classic Sudoku is actually better than its paper counterpart. The digital version eliminates lengthy pencil erasures and torn sheets. Even though it comes with less features, the book version costs money. The stationery kind is environmentally wasteful, and it does not even keep track of performance. Meanwhile, this free software is equipped with a massive archive of puzzles, and it records the mad number crunching skills for everyone to see!

A small file size makes this game highly portable. Installation takes only a matter of seconds. After a quick set-up is completed, the crazy puzzle-solving calamity can ensue. The logical skills honed by this title make this game an excellent selection for promoting educational development and critical thinking.


  • A huge count of unique puzzles
  • Three difficulty levels for players of all skills
  • Streamlined interface and small size


  • Limited aesthetic elements
  • Only one way to play

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